Shackleton with Anika

T. Raumschmiere with Anika


September 2018 - Exploded View ‚Obey‘ (Sacred Bones)

November 2017 - Exploded View ’Summer Came Early EP’ (Sacred Bones)

October 2017 - Dave Clarke “I’m Not Afraid” (Feat Anika) (Skint Records 2017) from the Dave Clarke LP ’The Desecration Of Desire’

July 2017 - Shackleton with Anika ’Behind the Glass’ (Woe To The Septic Heart!)
Aug 2016 - Exploded View self-titled LP (Sacred Bones)

Mar 2016 - Exploded View - No More Parties in the Attic 7" Single -  (Sacred Bones)

Feb 2016 - Invada Allstars feat. Anika - 99 Red Balloons (Invada)

Oct 2015 - Anika & T.Raumschmiere - Sleeping Pills and Habits (Shitkatapult)

Sept 2014 - Anika & Camera - 2am (Bureau B)

April 2013 - Anika self-titled EP (Invada/Stones Throw)

Oct 2011 - No ones there Single (Invada/Stones Throw)

Dec 2010 - Yang Yang Single (Invada/Stones Throw)

Nov 2010 - Anika self-titled LP (Invada/Stones Throw)

Live performance projects:
»The Writing Robot« with Raoul Sanders
Anika takes to the stage next to a writing robot. The machine generates the lyrics, the artists intones them, opening-up an ongoing conversation between lyrics, voice, and music.